peering policy

Peering at major locations with Redstation / AS35662 will offer faster routes directly to our network. This service is for ISPs around the globe.

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We will peer with an ISP if to do so would be of mutual benefit.

We require you to have an understanding of and be competent in BGP and TCP/IP networking.

We require you to maintain an english speaking NOC able to respond to issues by email or telephone 24x7.

All BGP sessions will be configured with an MD5 password of at least 15 characters length.

All routes must be peers and peers customers routes, no third party routes are to be announced. Peering partners must enforce strict policies to prevent route leaks.

Neither party shall point default “route of last resort”; add a static route; or otherwise send traffic to the other party for a route not advertised via BGP

Neither party shall modify, sell, or provide the next-hop to a third party.

A good faith effort should be made to facilitate communication regarding network maintenance that will affect traffic exchange.

Peering partners must cooperate in the troubleshooting of any peering related issues, denial of service attacks, UCE, hacking or virus penetration.

Peering partners are requested to peer at all common peering points.

Customers with multiple peering locations are expected to advertise consistent routes across all locations.

Customers may optional share IPv6 routes with any IPv6 enabled POP